Planning Management – Introduction

The page is split in two parts, client management on the left and timetable on the right. This allow to be able to deal with a client’s file while still visualizing the timetable.

The screenshot shows the home page on the left, ans the timetable of week of the 11th of August on the right.

In the timetable side, each box represents a slot usable in which we will be able to assign some clients.

Each slot displays its duration ( red_mini ) and, once started, the filling is displayed ( green_mini ici 4/8).


The timetable part propose a group of dropdown list to refine the information displayed.


We can choose:

– the spot,

– a “detailed view” displaying more information like the name, age, level of the clients of each slots, or “simple view” displaying less info, so an overall more compact display,

– a daily view, weekly view, monthly view, etc.

– navigate towards the date you want to see,

– display all the instructors, or just one.

It is possible to print this timetable so you can have a paper version for the day for example.