The man behind

Xavier Fourcade:

“I fell in love with the ocean and surfing at the age of 9, attracted by the sense of nature immersion and the way it provided an escape from lot of things I guess… At the age of 14, I got lucky enough to integrate the national “Pôle France de surf”, supervised by Michel Plateau, during 5 years.
I just kept going and ended up my studies with a Master in informatic.”

“Ma passion for surfing never left me, and I have found a way to combine it with my work with this application dedicated to the surf schools, second app in line with my first one dedicated to surfing competitions. The scoring competition software was one setting me into that self employed track since 2008. Here are a few of my clients for this first app: IBA (International bodyboarding association), KSP and GKA (Global Kitesurfing Association) and the Waterman league with their World Stand up paddle tour.

Belonging to the field, I believe knowing the expectations of the clients, and if not, being able to ask the right questions to make the right assessment of a problematic situation. I do my best to simplify my clients life when it comes down to using this applications.

Trilingual? I was born in France, spend lot of time in Spain, and my whife is South African. So I can speak french, spanish or english as you like! Awesome no?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can speak about your school!”