The application Planning-ecole is a software intended for surf school, conceived and developed by Xavier Fourcade, ex surfing high-level sportsperson, and informatics engineer, based in Biscarrosse, Les Landes in france.

The software has been developed in collaboration with many surf schools. It has been used during the summer 2013 by , then the following season by another 8 schools all spread across france. Now the app is used by more than 30 structures providing surfing lessons as well as standup paddle, skate, kitesurf and Kayak.
The software is easily customizable , so it can be used for schools ranging from one single instructor, to much bigger managing 5 different activities and more than 10 instructors like the .

The software comply from may 2019 to the french norm NF525 which is a solid proof of seriousness and reliability.

The program is perfectly operational since spring 2014 and keeps improving since thanks to the feed back and the needs of the schools. Here are a few areas of the school that can be managed with the app:
Client listing management (clients file, courses bought, payments, lessons taken, etc.).
Instructor’s timetable management with automatic integration of the tides.
– A growing number of statistics (instructor’s invoice, lessons profitability, checkout, turnover, client listing, etc.) that will please your accountant.
– Plenty of “shortcuts” and displays allowing quick access to the information you seek.

The software gather into one unique space all this different domains. The limits of the “pen and paper” or the excel spreadsheets, are reached when you need to bridge across this different domains. In the app this bridges are only taking few clicks.

The application has been developed with the main goal of simplicity of use and with main watchword to not give any opportunity to the user to be able to make any mistakes. A stripped down user interface has been chosen, separating nicely the “client management”, to the “timetable management”.
You will find on that website many examples of functionalities and of the look of the application.