Adjustable Display

The functioning of your school is unique. The organization of the timetable is entirely adjustable so it can be best suited to your needs and expectations.The timetable can be displayed in a “simple view” ( red_mini ) that shortens the name of the instructor,

or in a “detailled view” ( blue_mini ) that lists name, age, and level of the participants in the lessons.


The slots of your school can be regular like in this example.

But the functioning of your school can be better off displayed by titles, for example “débutant”, “kids” or “perf” ( red_mini ). You can note then that the hour (now optional) is displayed in the box of the slot itself ( blue_mini ).

Here is an example of a more loaded timetable.

You can see the use of colors, and comments to render the display better.

Here ( red_mini ) the color orange is used with a comment “perf”, and the color yellow with the comment “av cylien” ( green_mini ).


If you pay attention to the time of the slots on the image above, you will understand the functioning of the school. The slots start with a little interval depending on the instructors. This school chose to not have all the clients coming at the same time, but to better spread the start and end of the lessons through the day.

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