The daily checkout can be used to double check the cashier everynight (or at the end of the week). This export display all the payments cashed in during a given period.
In our example we’ll take a look at the daily checkout of february the 5th ( green_mini ), date at which we had cashed in a deposit cheque of 40€ for the course sold to Xavier Fourcade.

In this export all the payments are grouped by payment type. In our example we had only one payment by cheque with a comment for this day ( blue_mini ).


The checkout can be edited and printed (on paper or as a pdf file) by the month or the year so it can be given to your accountant.
In the following example, we’ll display the entire year 2014 ( green_mini ).
For each type of payment ( grey_mini ), the detail of each transaction is displayed ( blue_mini ): the amount, time and date, the optional comment and the name of the client.
This is an active display, as in if you click on this line, it will take you directly to the client file.

For each type of payment, the total is displayed ( yellow_mini ).

And of course, the global total is displayed too at the bottom of the page ( red_mini ).


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