Course Sale

From the client’s file, you can add a course; the simplistic design does not leave room for mistakes.
Here you can assign one of the 4 coursese offered by the school:
– The first one with an adjustable price, to be decided on the go.
– The second one more classic, with predefined prices.
– The third one, individual course.
– And the last one, a stand up paddle course, here another discipline.Each course is configured to match your school prices. You will choose the number of lessons, and the price will automatically adjust.

Here is the client’s file with the course “stage” with 5 lessons.
For each course sold, a group of buttons appears, allowing management of the information relative to this course:
– the lessons,
– the payment,
– printing the invoice,
– deleting of the course,
– sending invoice by email.

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