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The Play-planner app is hosted online, this means that it require an internet connection to operate.
This allows multi access use. Your school may consists of a local on the beach, and a point of sale in the nearby surfshop. You can use the application simultaneously from both places, and from home too! There is no need to install anything, you just grab a device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) and start working. Also this method allows Xavier Fourcade to take action immediately if needed.

Keeping check of clients whith outstanding payments is an essential subjects encountered by surf schools. The Play-planner software displays the listings of the outstanding payments in many specific places. This way, the school is completely in control of this aspect, without any effort required…

The Play-planner app thinks for you! For certain things only, hey! Tons of automatic verifications are made in the background to avoid mistakes like overbooking a lesson, or overbooking an instructor, etc.

And if internet shuts down during the day? The Play-planner app runs automatic backup transfer directly onto your hard drive, allowing you to physically posses the necessary files to run the day: schedule, client files, payments, etc.

The Play-planner app proposes a direct access for your instructors. They can login to access their schedule including name of the clients, age, level, “how many lesson taken yet”, etc.

Is management of a partner activity something that interests you? For each course bought you can indicate if the client was sent to you by the local campsite, the beach hotel, etc. You will then be able to view a condensed detailed export of all the different partners.

On the same principle you can indicate how the client found out about the school? Internet website, tourist office, word of mouth, seen on the beach, etc.

Many shortcuts have been added to simplify and accelerate repetitive tasks. For example, you can assign a whole family for a whole week into the schedule with only a few clicks. You can easily move clients around in the schedule, one by one, or many at a time, and you can visualize directly their telephone/email to keep them updated.

These are only a few examples of little things that will simplify your life in a big way, and save you a lot of time on a daily basis, in comparison to pen and paper, or excel sheets. The Play-planner app is packed with “little plus” that will improve the flow of your school management.

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