Lesson Assignment

From the client’s file, you can access the lessons of the course ( green_mini ).
Here is the lesson assignment page, we have 5 lessons that can be assigned to the instructors timetable by clicking “choose slot” ( red_mini ), and then clicking on the instructor, date and hour slot ( green_mini ).gc-AffectationLecons2On the left side, client management part, the lesson 1 is now in green ( blue_mini ), and it displays information about the slot it is assigned to (hour and date, instructor’s name and spot).

On the right side, timetable part, the client Xavier Fourcade has been added to the slot of the instructor Nico Goossens at 17h ( green_mini ).

For now, the course has not been paid. You can see the little reminder displayed below the timetable day by day( red_mini ). So on the 11th of August Xavier Fourcade will come for his lesson at 17h, and he needs to pay 140€.

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