Lesson Profitability

Even with the Daily Checkout (listing all the payments) and the Turnover (listing the courses sold), you may still want to follow your school activity from another perspective.
The lesson profitability summarizes for each slot, the list of clients and how much they pay to participate.
This page indicates the amount of money that each slot should bring into the school.
In our example, we’ll look at how the 11th of august was organized, slot by slot.

The slot “créneau 4 ” given by Seb Goossens ( grey_mini ) was hosting Sylvie, Claude, Thom and Paul Dubos that purchased a course at 324€. So the cost price of one lesson is 27€ ( blue_mini ). This slot generates an income of 108€ ( green_mini ).

The slot “créneau 6 ” given by Nico Goossens ( grey_mini ) only had one client in it, and generated an income of 28€ ( blue_mini ).

On the 11th of august, the school gave lessons to 23 clients in total ( red_mini ), for a total amount of 559.02€.


The lesson profitability details can be more precise. You can define the instructor’s wage, so that the amount will be taken in consideration. The amounts will then be more significant.
Here in our same example, Seb Goossens is paid 40€ ( green_mini ) to give lessons to a client that purchased a course “libre” ( yellow_mini ) and 45€ ( red_mini ) for the course “stage” ( grey_mini ).

The profitability total of the day takes into account the instructor’s wage as well ( blue_mini ).


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