Preparing the Planning

You can create the slots that will constitute your timetable prior to the season in a way that will perfectly adapt to your needs.
Here you will create the slots for each instructor with the following characteristics:
– spot,
– hour,
– comment (optional),
– colour,
– duration,
– sport,
– starting and ending date,
– days of the week.Once the slots are created, they will appear in the timetable, and you will be able to assign some clients to them.
You can go back to this page at any time, if you need to add a random slot.In our example we will create slots for:
the instructor Seb Lessieur ( black_mini ),
on the spot “la sud” ( yellow_mini ),
from the 11th of august ( orange_mini ) to the 17th of august ( grey_mini ) everyday except Saturdays (day of break for the instructor),
the first slot is at 9h ( green_mini ) for a duration of 1h30 and assigned a light blue colour,
the second slot is at 10h30 ( blue_mini ) with a duration of 1h30 and assigned a light green colour,
the third slot is at 14h ( red_mini ) with a duration of 1h30 and assigned a light grey colour.

We can see that the slots have been created from the monday ( green_mini ) to the sunday, except the saturday ( blue_mini ) for the instructor Seb Lessieur at 9h, 10h30 and 14h ( red_mini ) for a duration of 1h30 ( grey_mini ) , with the colours blue, green and grey.
gp-MiseEnPlacePlanning2Above is a demonstration of how to create slots for the entire season. Once created they are ready to be filled with clients.

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