SURF UNIVERS surf school in Vieux Boucau, France

Carole and Jo
Joseph Delaval and Carole Paillé:

“We have chosen to use the app « play-planner » since 2014 and we are completely satisfied with this decision.
I am the person in charge of all the administrative aspects of the school, and since we have been using this app, I am able to delegate many tasks, which was clearly impossible before.
Using Play-planner simplifies many aspects of the school’s management, we gain a lot of time on the administrative side as well as for the day to day repetitive tasks; client management and instructors schedule management too.
Indeed, everything is linked and connected (instructors schedule, checkout, invoicing, instructors payroll, client outstanding, etc.), and all the calculation you could think of is automated.
The schedule is very intuitive, and customized to perfectly fit the needs of our school.
If I should qualify this software, I would say: SIMPLE and EFFICIENT.

A little word about the developer of the program : Xavier is ultra reactive, perceptive to our needs and always available.”

Carole Paillé from SurfUnivers.


OCEAN ROOTS bodyboard and surf school in Arcachon, France


Nico and Julie Padois:
“We are very happy about this application developed for our surf school.
With our previous system, we couldn’t keep trace of the outstanding payments. Thanks to the Play-planner app, since 2014 we are up to date with the payments of all of our clients, which is a big thing!
We are offering a shuttle service to the clients, to collect them from town, and transport them to the beach and back for their lessons. The shuttle module in the application absolutely fits our requirement. We have a complete visibility of the available seats for outbound and inbound journeys.
The planning management is functional, practical, simple to use, and perfectly fitted to our needs.”

Julie Padois.


KIWI SURF surf school in Biscarrosse, France


Clément Cétran:

“I work with play-planner since 2013; the simplification we gained upon the planning management lead us to save an unbelievable amount of time, to end many kind of mistakes possible, and added great adaptability in function of the weather conditions and staff availability.
We can run the app from the school and from the surfshop so we don’t have to be on the phone all the time to check the availability.
We manage all our activities with the Play-planner app which includes surf, standup paddle, swimming, massage and beach club.
The ability to center all the activities in one sole app is essential for us, and the Play-planner app does it perfectly.

Most importantly Xavier is always present when needed for any questions or when we want to add some functionalities.
I recommand this software 100%, it is the most adapted to our profession.”

Clément Cétran.


TENGO FRIO Surf, standup paddle and yoga school in Lacanau, France

Geoffroy Henno:
“I run a little structure composed of 2 instructors.
I propose 3 activities : Surf, Stand Up Paddle and Yoga SUP.
As a certified school, running for years, I had a chance to use many softwares dedicated to surf schools.
I have kept play-planner.com since 2014 as I really found it to be the one that matches my needs perfectly.
For me it is a performance tool, ergonomic and inexpensive considering all the time and money it saves me.
Ergonomic: There is never a doubt about what to do or how to do it. What you want to do is always available right under your eyes.
Ergonomic again: Because it can be managed from any device with no installation required; laptop, tablet or smartphone.
The Play-planner app being on the cloud, means I prepare my season from Mexico every winter from my super old travel laptop, nothing more to do when I come back home.
Moreover, the tides are incorporated and visible where I need to see them. I don’t need to look somewhere else to find this information. Again, I gain lots of time here!
I can come back to the previous year to see my activity, and plan some goals for the months to come.
In my structure, I don’t have a receptionist, I do it all! Instructor, manager, receptionist, cleaner, etc. and I really appreciate the fact that entering the client data is a super quick job in that app.

Thanks to Play-planner, everything is done faster, and more clean; clean for me, for my accountant, and for my clients.
And if I have any problem, I call Xavier, and always got my response in a minute!

I strongly recommend this software Play-planner, to any surf school that want to simplify a big chunk of the annoying part of their work, those who want to schedule easily their lessons, gain in precision in their accounts, and then to be able to eventually sell their school in the end.
As far as I am concerned, this app help me gain time and money.”

Geoffroy Henno.


POINT BREAK surf school in Biscarrosse, France

Yann Hebrard:
“A little revolution for the organization of our surf school with this booking software Play-planner.com, immense time gained inducing more availability for our clients, easy to use and a growing coherent pack of super helpfull functionalities, thanks to the very good work of the creator Xavier Fourcade.
Congratulation for this creation, and thanks heaps Xavier.”

Yann Hebrard.


LEHENA surf school in Hendaye, France

Julien Caste:
“Our Surf school based in Hendaye in the Basque Country, we use this software since 2014. Before that, we were using the classical pen and paper, and then we stepped in modernity with the use of the excel spreadsheets. Very often we had booking mistakes, lost data, and it was taking very long to register one client for a week of lessons.
We have found in the Play-planner app all we needed: a tool simple but very efficient and fast, conceived specially to manage surf lessons (tide, number of client max in a lesson, outstanding payments, etc.). We understood very quickly while using the application, that it had been developed by a surfer, Xavier Fourcade is fully aware of all the little things that were a part of our reality, like simply moving a lesson to another instructor, or adjusting a course from 5 to 4 lessons because of a cancellation, etc. All these little things are in place to help us through our daily tasks, managing and scheduling better our activities.

We never faced a problem that wasn’t solved in the minute, Xavier is always available and motivated to help us progress in our use of his app.

So yes, I recommend Play-planner.com to all surf schools!”

Julien Caste.


Concept Sport Emotion Kayak school in Trouville, France

Yoann Deschmemaeker:
“Concept Sport émotion is a structure that mainly propose Kayak lessons. We’ve used Play-Planner since 2018. This software gave us more precision in the management of our schedule, and an instant visibility whenever needed from any laptop or smartphone.
Using play-planner allows us to be much more responsive with our clients from the first quote, and mostly to any follow ups.
Even our accountant has elected its use!

The Kayak activity is perfectly managed by this app initially dedicated to surf schools.
In the eyes of the Concept Sport Emotion team, Play-Planner is the booking software with the best ratio quality/price on the market with an incredible reactivity from the Xavier Fourcade.

Thanks you Play-Planner for accompanying us in our activity.”

Yoann Deschemaeker Concept Sport Emotion manager.


Hoya Surf and Standup paddle school in Biscarrosse, France

Geoffrey Jaubert:
“Before launching my own surf school, I was working for another one that was using Play-planner. I was checking the app many times throughout the day. I found this very convenient to not to have to go to the reception to ask for any potential changes. On top of that, this check would help me remember the info of each participant; the name, age, level and ‘how many lessons taken so far’.

When it was time for me to launch my own business back in 2018, I could only remember the countless positive conversations between the receptionist and the boss about Play-planner, so it was obvious for me to start off directly with it. And this has proven to be a great success!

I have a reception in a campsite, I give surf lessons on the beach, and propose standup paddle rides on the lake. I can connect to the app from my phone to check my schedule, to make any modifications, or adding any clients without having to call my receptionist for availability check, or to tell her to add a client to the schedule.

In the app there is a functionality that saves me a lot of time; I can create all my slots around the tide prior to the season. With only a few clicks, I can create all the “perf” of the season, every day at hight tide +1h, and the kids at low tide -30 min. I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken me to create all the slots manually. Once created, my receptionist can fill the slots with the clients without having to worry about the time, tide, swell, etc. it’s all done for her. Every Sunday, I double check all the lessons of the coming week, and change the time if needed, this is a task done very easily with Play-planner. Contacting the clients to let them know about the change is made very easily in the app too.

Play-planner is an integral part of my business, and it would be very hard to work without it.”

Geoffrey Jaubert Hoya Surf School Manager.


Surf Harmony surf school in Saint Briac sur mer, France

Morgan Menez:
“I’ve managed Surf Harmony since 2009, a little certified surf school, but lot of work. I needed a tool to help me in my aim of improving the organization and the rigour in my business, and I found Play-planner.com to be perfect for this.
Since 2015 with the app and with the availability of it’s creator Xavier, I can organize my schedule during the winter, easily register the clients, and most importantly manage more serenely the payments and outstanding payments during the season with my receptionist.
Every year I explore more and more the possibilities of the app, depending on what aspect I want to improve.
The app allow me to dedicate more time to my clients, and for me this is the most important of all!

Bravo and thanks to Xavier Fourcade!”

Morgan Menez Surf Harmony manager.


Gang Surf surf school in Biscarrosse, France

Bianca Berthier:
“The play-planner app changed our lives!
We have 2 locals on separate beaches with 2 distinct receptions, and the need to transfer clients fom one to the other. The application is perfectly designed to fulfill this particularity, we honestly couldn’t function without it!

For all the surf school that haven’t done it yet, do not hesitate no more! Sign up to Play-planner”

Bianca Berthier, Gang Surf.


Mahalo surf school in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France



Loic Caillet and Céline Rouche:
“We’ve adopted play-planner since 2016, for its simplicity for the creation of the planning, the follow up of the courses and the clients (deposits, outstanding, etc.).
Using the Play-planner app allow us to avoid tons of mistakes (direct actions, management of the availability, etc.), and is a token of seriousness in the eye of our clients (planning management, payment management, etc.). The app is perfectly adapted to our school; duration and price of the lessons, number max of client per lesson, etc.

The developer Xavier Fourcade is always available, listens carefully, and reacts rapidly.”

Loïc from Mahalo surf.


It’s On surf school in Arcachon, France

Stéphane Fourmond:
“Play-planner is a made-to-measure software for our nomadic surf school. I find with play-planner to be a tool perfectly customized to fit the way our school functions. The app is very simple to use, and adapts constantly to our evolving needs. It saves us time and eases a big part of our work and organization.
On top of helping with the accounting and schedule side of the activity, play-planner integrates the management of the shuttle, so we know which clients need to be picked up and dropped, and where for each lesson of every day!

Thank you for this amazing tool Xavier.”

Stéphane Fourmond from It’s On.


Lobstore surf and skate school in la Tranche sur Mer, France

Thomas Mauris:
“We propose surf and skate lessons in our structure, and the 2 spots are not close to each other. Play-planner perfectly matches our needs in that matter. Planification and management of both activities are made easy with the use of this app. Accessible from any laptop or tablet, ergonomic and intuitive, simultaneous multi-access, all of our crew easily learnt how to use it.
Thanks to Play-planner, the scheduling is more rigorous: it is possible to manage the instructors, the 2 activities with distinct clients; the invoicing is done automatically and can be emailed directly to the client while doing the booking.

The little plus that we like: all the statistics available to let us follow the activity from different angles…”

Thomas Mauris from Lobstore.


Biscaradise surf school in Biscarrosse, France

Thibault Bourles and Clément Fournier:
“We have created our surf school in 2016 in Biscarrosse, with the goal to be an eco-responsible surf school. We are working with Picture Organic Clothing, SurfRider Foundation, Eq love and Tree6clopes. We regularly set up events to try to reduce our impact on the planet.

We’ve used Play-planner from the creation of the school. This software is really well designed regarding the schedule management. We save a lot of time thanks to all its functionalities, and can do so from our smartphones. Each instructor can check his planning any time from any device.
Also it only takes one click to access all the real time statistics.
All this makes play-planner a software ultra complete for the management of our structure, without forgetting that we do not use paper any longer!

A big Thank you to Xavier for it legendary reactivity.”

Thibault Bourles Biscaradise co-fondator.


Dezert Point Surf School in Penmar’ch, France

Stephen, Olivier Jadé et Kevin:
“We have used the app since 2018, we are entirely satisfied and of course we will keep using play-planner as it make our surf school management much easier.
We are thrilled about the app especially for its schedule and accountant management. For us this is the end of the puzzle trying to make sense of our schedule during the season. Thanks to its flowing user interface, our often changing receptionist team find their ways easily and the end result, the actual giving of the lesson, happens to be more flowing too!
Another positive point is that Xavier is always available on tap and super reactive, which is very important for us.

Concluding here, we recommend 100% Play-planner.com”

Olivier Jadé from Dezert Point.


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